Module 8:Technologies and Ethical Issues

Academic Dishonesty, Copyright, and Plagiarism:

Whilst technology integration has its advantages, there are certainly ethical issues related to copyright, plagiarism and misuse of information. Roblyer and Doering (2014, p. 29) identify ease of access to online information as a cause for academic dishonesty, enhanced by the ubiquitous nature of mobile technologies. The internet, although a rich resource of information, enables unethical practices when full-text documents and piracy software are readily available to students at the click of a button. In 2013, producers of the Dallas Buyers Club threatened legal action over the piracy of its film through Australian internet company iiNet (Birtles, 2014). This is where Gabriel (2010) argues that the boundary is blurred when it comes to ethical use.  A generation of students are simultaneously using technology to illegally obtain files whilst publishing academic work. Game of Thrones anyone? Digital file sharing, certainly enables plagiarism.

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