Hello there,

My name is Angela and I am very excited to be studying ESC407 Classroom Technologies over session 3, 2016/2017. I am including my introduction on my blog so that readers and fellow classmates can get familiar with the personality behind the posts.

I am currently a full-time mum to three small children, and studying a Bachelor of Teaching. My teaching experience is limited to adult training and primary school administration so I am very green when it comes to knowledge about the application of technology in the classroom. However I am very much looking forward to collaborating with peers in this subject to gain some valuable insight.

I hope to use technological tools to develop 21st-century thinkers and life-long learners and connect with my students by embedding curriculum content in platforms they can use in the real world and relate to. In preparation for this class, I have set up various social media accounts to build up an educational community and better understand how I can use these in the classroom to facilitate learning engagement. I am excited to investigate all aspects of web 2.0 and hope to stay one step ahead of my students when it comes to technology by actively pursuing my own continuing professional development in this regard. I currently own a desktop pc (which was state of the art in 2009 and now feels positively ancient), a laptop where most of my work is completed, an iPhone 6s, a UE Boom2 for bluetoothing podcasts and my husband has a work tablet that we regularly use as a family. I am confused by all things ‘cloud’ and once created a craft blog when I was looking for a place to share my finished knitting and sewing projects. In fact it was because of the web and channels such as YouTube that I was able to advance my knitting skills and surpass my grandmother in technique in just a few short months. I am well and truly born a digital native but still have much to learn. Technology is exciting!

 I live with my family at the base of the Kosciusko National Park alongside the Murray River in a little rural town just over the Victorian border called Corryong. A quick google search will tell you that Corryong is famous for the Man from Snowy River.


That’s it for now, looking forward to getting to know you all and engaging in some authentic and collaborative discussion.